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At Product SecurityLab, we are committed to upholding our core values and mission statement, which guide every aspect of our work, including customer relationships, sustainable growth, and development. Our mission is to contribute to a safer world by offering cybersecurity services and supporting various products in their compliance journey. We believe that sharing knowledge empowers us, our clients, and the broader IT security community, and we actively participate in this effort.

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Product SecurityLab

Vision & values

Vision & Values


Given the nature of our work in an industry that faces numerous security and privacy challenges, we recognize the significance of embodying the values of trustworthiness and ethical principles in our daily lives.


At Product SecurityLab, we prioritize the ongoing growth of our team's expertise, and we fully support this value through investments in continuing education, research, and collaborative innovation.


Product SecurityLab operates as an independent service provider in terms of technology, manufacturers, and financing. Our projects, recommendations, and optimization strategies are never influenced by contracts with specific manufacturers, product biases, or external stakeholders.

Knowledge Transfer

At Product SecurityLab, we hold the belief that knowledge sharing has the potential to empower not only our company, but also our customers and the wider international IT security community in which we actively engage.

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